Loveable Shanghai – Day Four

Workout – check! Breakfast buffet – check!

Today, Sean and Chris, who are wonderful tour guides, took us to one of the three most famous temples in Shanghai, the Jade Buddha Temple. This temple and its Buddha statues were brought over from India. Many local people still come here to give thanks and pray.

After that stop, we visited a nearby silk factory and museum, which showed the history of how silk originated in China. We are now fully educated on how silk is made and we have learned more about the silk worm than we ever could have imagined.

We then visited another local shopping plaza in the French Concession, which we started dubbing the “French Quarter,” where of course we had to purchase lens-less glasses in honor of Russell Westbrook!

Our frames in honor of Russell Westbrook and Team USA’s Olympic gold!

During our time here, we learned than Oklahoma is not the only place to have large surprise rain storms. We stayed dry under a local restaurant awning, killing time people-watching and being watched. We attract a lot of attention being the only Americans around. We love to spend time taking pictures with the local people, who are very friendly and approachable.

Even off the dance floor, we attract a lot of attention

To finish the day, our tour guides surprised us by taking us to the world’s fastest train, the Shanghai Maglev Train! This magnetic levitation train travels at a speed of 431 km/h. The main track is 30 km long, which took us only seven minutes to travel.

It’s great to see the sights of China, but to be honest, we’re itching to get back on the dance floor. We have rehearsals coming up for the Sprite Charity Game – we’re looking foward to it!