Smiling for surgery

Matt Allen may have been going in for brain surgery, but he and his children were still smiling and "Thundering up" when Kelsey and Sarah visited him this morning.


This morning, Kelsey and Sarah had an amazing opportunity to send a Thunder fan well wishes before he went in for a major surgery.

We surprised Matt Allen and his family at the hospital, where Matt was waiting to undergo his fourth brain surgery in just over two years. (Read more about Matt’s story on NewsOK – the original story is here, and Jenni Carlson’s blog update is here.)

Matt was supported at the hospital by a huge and loving group of family members, and Kelsey and Sarah both say that the entire experience left them completely inspired. There was not one second where Matt wasn’t smiling and enthusiastic. He and his family had positive and excited attitudes, and they couldn’t quit talking about how great our Thunder team is.

We had the chance to give Matt a really wonderful Thunder gift bag, filled with items such as a foam finger and a hat he can wear when he leaves the hospital. We can’t wait to see Matt and his family again later in the year to see how he’s doing and to again send them the very best of luck.

Both Kelsey and Sarah left the hospital saying to one another that days like these are really the best part of being a Thunder Girl.

UPDATE 10/27: We heard from a friend of Matt’s that he came through surgery doing really well. We’re keeping Matt and his family and friends in our thoughts!

- Thunder Girls