An incredible homecoming

On Friday, Sarah, Helen and Alexis took part in a completely unique experience for all of us, as Sarah’s hometown of Cyril, Okla., gave her a big welcome home to celebrate her making the Thunder Girls!

Not only was the whole town decked out with welcome signs and balloons, but we were also invited to be a part of an all-school rally for Sarah and the Thunder Girls at the elementary school.

We made it to the school just in time to see some of the children come in from recess. They were so excited, and happily waving and greeting Sarah, whom some of them knew from when she taught dance. All three of us waved and said hello before taking a few minutes to practice for our performance. Sarah’s mom was on hand as we rehearsed, and she looked so proud as we waited for our cue to enter the gymnasium.

Even going down the hall from the cafeteria to the gym, you could hear all the schoolkids chanting, “Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!” It was an awesome moment. We ran into the gym, which was filled with teachers and students in Thunder blue. We were greeted by cheers, screams and clapping. Tammy Cocheran, the elementary principal and one of Sarah’s former teachers, introduced us and gave Sarah the mic. Sarah thanked everyone for their love and support, and expressed how proud she was to come from Cyril.

After Sarah spoke, we danced for the school, and the entire audience cheered throughout the performance! We then had a chance to leave a more lasting impression with the kids by talking to them about bullying, building character and setting goals. All the members of our squad have worked hard to achieve our goals, and we know what it’s like to have to press on when things don’t go as planned.

After the talk, we took pictures with each class and had a chance to autograph Thunder shirts, hats, flags and towels that the kids had brought along. Each class created posters, signs and fans celebrating Sarah’s visit. Sarah was glowing the entire time, and so was her family. There was so much love and support from the entire town, and we’re grateful they made us all a part of this very special day!

Be sure to check out the story and video about Friday’s event on the Thunder website!

- Thunder Girls