Day 9: A bus ride, a pick-up game and a shopping mission

Yesterday morning, we packed up (and pushed our doorman to his limit!) for our next destination – Huizhou. The drive from Guangzhou was about two hours and almost directly east. While we’ve all been exhausted from the heat and from being constantly on the go, none of us wanted to sleep through this bus ride. The views – the trees, flowers, mountains and rivers – were too beautiful to miss. Most of us put on some music, looked out the window and took it all in.

On arriving in Huizhou, we discovered we’d be staying in another wonderful hotel. All of our rooms have spectacular views of a lake, and it just took our breath away the first time we opened our window shades. We’re all hoping to take a stroll or a jog around the lake later today.

By now, our guide has us pretty well figured out, so of course our first stop was the local mall for dinner, entertainment and (more) shopping! We were on a mission on this shopping trip, though. At every stop, we’ve been trying to get our tour guide to join us for a swim; since it’s been so hot, getting in the water has been a great way to cool off. But every time, his excuse has been that he doesn’t have a swimsuit. Well, we were determined last night to change that, so we had him write down the words “male swimsuit” with his size on a piece of paper so we could find him one. Our “cheat sheet” came in handy as the seven of us trekked through the mall, and we finally found him a swimsuit!

After that success, we went outside the mall to the pavilion where today’s tour event took place. Several of the guys, including our tour guide and our friend we had nicknamed “Luke,” were playing basketball, and we had to join in. Jessica challenged Luke to a game of “PIG,” and even though he didn’t quite understand the scoring, they both got into the spirit of competition. With more than a foot height advantage over Jessica, Luke did pull out a win with a trick shot under the basket. But Jessica definitely gave him a good run!

We’re so excited to be able to perform again after having several days off. It’s still over 100 degrees outside (we’re keeping pace with Oklahoma weather here!), but we’re looking forward to getting back in uniform and putting on a good show!

- Thunder Girls