Wish of a Lifetime.

It’s always fun to welcome Thunder fans to their first game at Chesapeake Arena. Saturday night was even more special of a treat.

We learned of a program called Wish of a Lifetime. Here is their website: seniorwish.org. They provide wishes for senior citizens. 85-year old Rose Thompson’s wish was to come watch her favorite team, the Thunder!

The Thunder sent a limo to pick her up at her Edmond senior center. We outfitted her with a personalized jersey, treated her to a nice dinner, and took her down on the court to watch pre-game warmups, where she got to meet Kevin, Russell, Serge, Reggie, coaches, broadcasters and more. We then took her to her seats for a night of watching Thunder Basketball LIVE! She even got a visit from Rumble.



Here is more on Rose, her life and her love of the Thunder. It comes from those at the senior center, who nominated her to have the wish granted.

Bio of Rose Thompson:

 Rose Thompson, an 85-year-old, is originally from Marietta, OK. She currently resides at a community called the Sterling House in Edmond, OK. Rose is described at the community as sweet, gentle, and caring. A lot of the staff and other residents find themselves coming to her for a daily hug.

 In March 2012 Rose’s whole world was turned upside down. She lost her husband the day after their 65th anniversary to a long battle with Emphysema. He died at the small ranch they owned in Marietta for over 25 years. When her husband passed away it became extremely difficult for Rose to adjust and live in the house where they still had 3 miniature horses they had raised a stallion and two mares. This is why she decided to move to Edmond. Rose is proud of living so close to the city now where her favorite Oklahoma Thunder basketball team plays.

 Rose and her husband before his passing watched and talked about attending the games. Every game night there was anticipation for Rose. She wore her thunder sweater faithfully on game days. She would discuss the stats of what happened that was exciting and the possibilities of different outcomes if this play or that play had not been made with her husband.

 I think her attachment to the Thunder gives her a sense that she still has a piece of her husband with her. The wish that Rose would like fulfilled, is something that would help her to adjust completely to living here in Edmond now and allow her to let her little piece of Marietta live with her but not haunt her so often. It would allow her to complete something that her husband and she were supposed to do and allow her to honor his memory.

Loved having you Rose! It just shows that Thunder fans come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Watch thunder.nba.com for a video feature on Rose’s night at the Thunder game.


-Dan Mahoney